I’m a software developer who is comfortable in all parts of the "stack", but with a focus on the realm of DevOps - continuous integration, infrastructure as code, development environments etc.


Frontend Development

I have experience building websites using plain HTML, CSS, Javascript as well as building web apps with React with (and without) Redux.

I have also worked with server side rendering using Jinja2 templating with Flask and Django.

Backend Development

I have built REST APIs using both Python (Flask) as well as NodeJS (Express).

I have experience working with databases, for example PostgreSQL and Microsoft SQL.

CI, Dev & Deployment

I am well versed in working with Git, Jenkins, and TravisCI and have implemented CI & CD with custom scripts as well as with Docker and Ansible.

Additionally I have experience building dev & production environments using tools such as Vagrant, Packer, Terraform and Docker.

Cloud & Operations

I have extensive experience working with AWS, including for example EC2, ECS, VPC, S3, R53, SNS, SES, SQS, RDS.

I also have experience configuring, monitoring and deploying applications, using tools and services like Ansible, ELK, Cloudwatch, Nginx, Apache and CloudFront.



A web application for weekly meal planning. The frontend is built with React and the backend in Python (Flask) using Postgresql as the database.
 The application allows you to create and manage your meal plan, and the list can be shared with other family members.
Planned features can be found in the Github Issues.


DevOps Engineer @ Midaxo

Helsinki, FI

Since 2017

As a DevOps Engineer at Midaxo I work on building our cloud SaaS-solution, with a focus on CI/CD, infrastructure as code, monitoring but I also do software development work i.e. feature development, bug fixes, testing, etc.

Operations Lead @ Universum

Stockholm, SE

2012 - 2017

As Operations Lead at Universum I was responsible for internal infrastructure and applications. This included maintenace, configuration, CI & deployment of all applications and services used by company employees.


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